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Chibi Comme is a personalized, customizable avatar that you can use in your live stream.

YouTube live


Make your own avatars

Interacting with chats

Chrome extension is for YouTube only.

For Chzzk streamers, visit below :

chibi comme sample

React to comments

Chibi can laugh, talk, and

play with your viewers.

performing different actions based on

the commands you made.

Custom Chibi

Make your own custom chibi!

You can start from a pre-defined chibi template,

or ask us to custom everything - 

from character design to rigging !

vtuber lonita chibi
default emotes

Easy to use

Install chrome extension in 1-click!


1. Install extension

2. Add your Chibi

3. Add Chibi on OBS

Get Ready to Create
Your Own Chibi Now

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