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Custom Timer Creation Review with [기유미]

Hello, Sinkyu Lab!

Today's work review is from Kiyumi :)

We'd love to see a ghost cat holding a coke and popcorn, with something in its mouth!

She wanted a ghost cat holding a coke and popcorn!

We colored in a version minus the crown :)

The result is a bling-bling ghost cat!

It's so cute, right?

I hope you enjoy using it~!


Hello, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm Kiyumi, and I'm a Twitch broadcaster! I mainly do Just-chatting streams and occasionally play games~ I don't get to turn on my stream often because I'm raising a baby, but if you're passing by, please stop by!

How did you find out about the watchalong timer?

I found out about it from a friend who is also a vtuber, but I think I ended up using it more than he did!

What made you decide you needed to order a custom timer?

I was watching a movie on the first Friday of the month as a cultural day, and the default type of timer widget looked a bit dull to compose on the broadcast screen because it just floats, but as soon as I saw that I could order a custom timer, I said, "This is it!" and ran to order one!!!

please feel free to say something.

Thanks to Syncu lab, it's so much easier to watch together!! Now that I have my own customizable timer, it's the best not only for functionality but also for design!! Please let many people know about Syncu lab...(*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*)♡

Please leave a link to the channel you are streaming on (YouTube, Twitch)



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