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Custom Timer Creation Review with [달짱]

Hello, Sinkyu Lab!

Today, we bring you a review of 달짱's custom timer!

I want it to be uncomplicated and intuitive, using only the pretty elements of angel wings, musical notes, pastel holograms, pentagrams, and pink!

In fact, 달짱 had already given us a nearly perfect prototype

when she first sent us the reference,

so we were able to make very few changes and get a quick approval...!

Voila, isn't it pretty?

The photo was retouched to match the night background and sent to us!

We hope you enjoy using it in the future!


Hello, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I'm Idol Angel 달짱!

How did you find out about the watchalong timer?

I found out while watching another streamer's watch party broadcast!

It was so pretty that I looked for it until the wee hours of the morning!

What made you realize you needed to order a custom timer?

The free timer I'm currently using for my Watch Party content doesn't have enough personality, and it's a hassle to set up, so I knew I had to order a Syncu lab's timer that would check all the boxes!

please feel free to add your own words.

This watchalong timer is so kind and so beautiful!!!!! I love that you made a design that suits me so well, and I really appreciate your attention to detail with the fonts. Syncu lab is the best!

Please leave a link to the channel you are streaming on (YouTube, Twitch)

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