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Custom Timer Creation Review with [즈킁]

Hello, Syncu Lab here :)

Today's reviewer is 즈킁,

who ordered a simple timer with cute characters through Smart Store!

I want something simple with my character on it, make it fits my backgrounds!

We added character drawings based on the various references we received from 즈킁, and made sure to match the colors of the broadcast screen.

Voila! Don't you think it looks so cute all colored up?

Hope you enjoy using it in the future :)


Please introduce yourself!

I'm 즈킁, a virtual broadcaster who streams games and music in AfreecaTV.

What made you decide to buy a timer?

I love to watch movies and host a watchalong content, and it was inconvenient to leave the timer on, so I searched for it and came across it. I usually like to decorate the broadcast screen, and I liked the fact that the timer can be displayed beautifully on the broadcast screen, so I applied.

Where are you streaming at?



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