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Custom Timer Creation Review with [Amel]

Hi, this is Syncu Lab !

Today's review is from Amel!

She was originally only going to commission one,

but when she saw the sketches, she fell in love with the design

and ordered two design, both of them :)

So, let's check out her review!

Custom Timer of [Amel]

Amel initially wanted a colorful look

that referenced Amane Mimona's and Jooin's custom timer,

and a drawing of her mascot character, a quail.

I was so grateful that she asked me to be feel free pretty drawing .

I tried to make it work as much as possible!

Voila! To match Amel's mood

one horizontal and one vertical to match her mood.

The horizontal one features cute heart-shaped branches

and a quail perched on a cute heart-shaped branch!

The portrait features a quail flying majestically

Don't you just love the way the quail flaps its wings...!

Source : Amel's streaming

After receiving the custom timer,

she applied it to the on the real streaming !

The colors and atmosphere are so perfect!

The vertical one is a bit more colorful,

I think the horizontal type is more colorful and stands out also !

I hope you enjoy using it :)

Interview with [Amel]

Please tell us a little bit about yourself~!

Hi! I'm Amel, a baby quail who streams on Twitch (。-̀ᴗ -ღ)!

How did you find out about the Screena Watch Along timer?

I first found out about the screening timer from your article!

What made you decide to order a custom timer?

I saw your post on Artmug and thought it would be great for future screenings and song broadcasts, so I applied!

Last ! feel free to say something!

I applied for an omakase, but the design was so beautiful and you drew it in various drafts, but all of them became beautiful and I ended up proceeding with both of them, so I think it was really good to apply for both!! I will use it beautifully Thank you ✧٩(ˊ ωˋ*)و✧

Please leave your streaming channel !

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