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Custom Timer Creation Review with [Chukenshizu]

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Hi this is Screena!

Screena is here to make your content easier and simpler!

If you're a fan of Watch Along content,

we'd love to reach out to you and recommend our Timer to you ⭐️


custom Timer of [Chukenshizu]

ที่มา : Chukenshizu
Source : Chukenshizu

This time, it's Chukenshizu who created the custom timer!

Chukenshizu is a VTuber whose main content is Watch Along.🍿

I thought it would be easier and simpler

if her used our timer while watching the previous broadcast.

so I couldn't wait to DM her with a suggestion!

The theme her requested was a cute design with watercolor

and white image colors and lace, frills, and ribbons.

It was a cute design, and we thought it would look great with the images her sent!

ตัวอย่าง Custom Timer

A custom timer made according to her requested theme!

Cool water colors, clean white, and a cute design with ribbons and frills!

Chuukenshizu loved it right away, so we were happy to create it.

Let's see what it looks like on the streaming!

커스텀 타이머 실행 화면
Source : Chukenshizu YouTube

This time, Chuukensiz was able to capture the actual streaming by writing on it!

The mood, colors, design are perfect that can see the benefits right away 🩵

We hope you'll feel more comfortable and have more fun when you stream with us in the future!

We can't wait for the next one 🍿!


Interview with [Chukenshizu]

Please tell us a little about yourself~!

This is Chukenshizu, and I mainly do watch-along streaming !

How did you find out about the screena timer?

Excuse me, but I wasn't aware of it, but thanks to your DM, I found out~!

What made you realize you needed to order a custom timer?

I saw the official website and thought it was great that it was made with a cute design, so I thought...😆

If you're going to make it, please do your best to make it!

How was Screena Timer?

It was convenient that it supports major OTT sites such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Abeama TV, which are often used in Japan.

such as Amazon Prime Video, Abema TV, etc.

I thought it would be nice to have a section where I could post where I can watch the movie

currently watching, and a notice section that I could pull out when I need it.

The design is great, and it's nice that the broadcast screen becomes colorful when you tap the timer.

dIf it could also support anime stores and nikoniko doujinshi, it would be even more helpful.

Lastly, I personally wish that TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION and the Toei Specialty Fan Club could be supported.

also be supported!

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to say!

Thanks for the great suggestions this time!

It's a cute and convenient timer, so I think I'll use it when I watch the OTT sites!

Usually, I'm watching a lot of special effects and robotics with my viewers and everyone is wowed.

If you are interested, please come and visit us!

You can find me, [Chukenshizu] at the following places

YouTube: here

Twitter : here


Order your custom timer!

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