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Custom Timer Creation Review with [hiingdda]

Hello, Syncu Lab :)

Today's reviewer is vtuber Hiingdda!

Let's see what she requested.

Hiingdda's custom timer

Since I'm the Devil vtuber, I'd like my castle look like a devil and have devil wings on either side of it! I'd like you to put a knife at the base of the castle, and the whole color scheme to be purple except for the knife!

Hiingdda requested a purple castle, devil wings,

and a kitchen knife!

We worked with the reference images that were sent to us,

as well as the broadcast screen and YouTube visuals :)

From hiingdda's youtube

She had asked us to design a large kitchen knife,

and it looks really attractive on the broadcast screen!

Thank you for the thumbs up :)

We hope you use it beautifully at the watchalong~!


Please tell us a little bit about yourself~!

Hi, I'm Hiingdda, a horror game fanatic on Twitch~!!!!!!!!!

How did you find out about the watchalong timer?

One of the people from synculab team posted on my fan cafe and that's how I found out!

What made you decide to order a custom timer?

I saw other people's work and it was so beautiful!!! and I thought it was usually a requirement or something, but they said they do everything on a first-come, first-served basis, so I decided to order it.

When preparing for a watchalong, it was cumbersome to set the timer, and if the watchalong was interrupted, I had to check where I had seen so far and turn it back, and the process was annoying... I think this timer is just right for watchalong contents, so I will use it often whenever I do watchalong in the future~ And I'm happy that the timer came out so beautifully than I thought~ I think my timer is the only one in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, this team were so kind and sweeeeet!

I wish you all the best in the future, cheers ><



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