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Custom Timer Creation Review with[Kami Rei]


Hello, it's Screena.

We're thrilled to see more and more diverse individuals joining us here at Screena.

This time, we've had a Thai YouTuber come on board!!

Please meet Kami Rei, an active streamer from Thailand!

We were truly touched to deliver our first custom timer to a Thai streamer.


Introducing Kami Rei's Custom Timer

Kami Rei 様 イラスト

Kami Rei had specific requests to align the timer with her main theme colors,

"pink, black, and light brown," and her character theme of "Demon Girl."

So, how did this custom timer come to life?🥁


And so we present the finished custom timer!

She was thrilled with how the design turned out, just as she had requested!

So how did it look in an actual broadcast?!

타이머 작동 테스트 화면

Upon checking out Kami Rei's stream, we found the timer perfectly in sync with her vibe! Adorable devil horns and cute hearts, all fitting her character theme so well!

We're really looking forward to more broadcasts using Screena timers in the future!


Interview with Kami Rei

同時視聴 サムネイル

Hello! Can you please introduce yourself briefly~!

Hello! I'm Kami Rei, the maid at the Secret Mansion!

Nice to meet you. And looking forward to our journey together!

Do you usually have watchalong? Is it a famous content in Thailand?

I was never into watchalong content until I saw other international streamers doing it and got interested. In Thailand, Watch Along content isn't exactly a trending phenomenon, and it seems less active here compared to other countries. I suspect the limited popularity may stem from the challenges involved in watchalong such content.

What prompted you to order a custom timer?

For content creators, having a customized timer design can significantly streamline the content creation process and beautify the broadcast screen. That's why I decided to get a custom timer from Screena!

I just couldn't resist!! The Watch Party platform is so, so convenient. I'm seriously loving it!

Can you share your experience of using the custom timer during your broadcast!

To be real, initially, my viewers were having a hard time syncing up and were quite frustrated during my watchalong broadcasts. But the moment I started using Screena's custom timer, syncing became so much easier, and running my watchalong became a breeze! My viewers find it convenient, the broadcast looks amazing, and there's even a notification feature! I absolutely love it. I'm definitely going to keep using it for my content. I'm so thrilled to have the Screena timer.

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to say!

If you're on the hunt for a timer for your watchalong, I wholeheartedly recommend Screena. And hey, if you're lonely or having a hard time finding someone to co-watch movies with, swing by my -Kami Rei- channel! I'll be waiting for you on my channel. Yay~!

You can find me, Kami Rei at the following places!

YouTube Channel: Here


What is a Custom Timer?


When you conduct a watchalong, it's a feature that

allows you to use a timer in your key color and design!

If you contact us, we handle everything from design to coding

completely free of charge.

If interested

please click the button below to place an order!



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