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Custom Timer Creation Review with [Kihara Mio]

Custom Timer Designs

Hello, this is Screena!

Today I'll be reviewing Kihara's Mio custom timer!

It's a very attractive black and white concept!

Let's take a look!

Custom Timer of [Kiara Mio]

I think the overall tone should be black and white. It would be nice to have some frills or bows on the character's outfits to give them a cute feel!
Custom Timer of Kihara Mio

Kihara Mio, along with a variety of references

and wanted a little more Y2K feel to it!

We took the references she gave us and the items she wanted,

we created a cute ~ planet feel.

I hope you like it!

Interview with [Kihara Mio]

Hi, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi~! I'm Kihara Mio and streaming on Twitch!

How did you find out about Screena Watch Along Timer?

I first came across Screena after seeing a post on BOOTH about screena Watch Along timers!

(p.s. Screena also has a market on Booth!)

What made you decide that you needed to order a custom timer?

I think part of the content is to watch movies and dramas with the viewers, and I thought it would be a little more memorable to have my own timer, so I decided to order one!

Last ! please feel free to leave a comment.

I know a good site, it's the best to be able to have my own timer

with customization like this Watch Along timer at the future...

Please leave a link to the channel you are streaming on.

Order your custom timer!

상영회 타이머

We are currently accepting order :)

Order your own timer now!

Ko-fi : here

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