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Custom Timer Creation Review with [Lagacho]

커스텀 타이머 샘플

Hello this is Screena!

Today I'm going to introduce you to Lagacho!

He found us through V-festival :)

Shall we go look it together?


[Lagacho]'s custom timer

유튜브 캡쳐화면

Lagacho's custom timer was characterized by a cute orange ribbon!

So for this custom timer we wanted to take the feel of the existing character

in the direction of the existing character :)

커스텀 타이머 샘플

Just in time for Lagacho's request

a cute custom timer for Lagacho !

It'll suit to streaming even if don't test it, right?

유튜브 캡쳐화면

I randomly grabbed one of he's wallpapers to test it out.

I think they work really well together, both in terms of colors and points :)

Luckily, Lagachoo really liked it too!

I hope you enjoy using it in the future!


[Lagacho]'s interview

Hello! Can you please introduce yourself briefly~!

Hi, I'm a traveler conceptual virtual lagacho

who is mainly active as a YouTube and Twitch streamer.

How did you find out about the screena timer?

I found out about it at a virtual offline event and applied for it.

What made you decide to order a custom timer?

I thought it would be a good idea to do a screening

while planning the Watch Along content,

so I applied after seeing the offline promotion.

Can you share your experience of using the custom timer during your broadcast!

I used it as a broadcast Watch Along content,

and it was great to see what I was looking at right on the screen!

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to say!

I applied for a customized timer by chance,

but thank you for making it really satisfying 🙂

I usually broadcast at 9 o'clock,

so if you're wondering if the timer works,

please visit once in a while~.

You can find me, Lagacho at the following places!

Twitch Channel : here YouTube Channel : here

What is a Custom Timer?

커스텀 타이머 샘플

Use your own key colors, designs, and timers for screenings.

timers with your own key colors and designs!

We'll do everything from design to code

from design to code, we'll do it all for free.

We are currently focusing more on our next development and maintenance,

we're taking a break from accepting custom timers.

If you're interested in a Watch Along custom timer

Click the button below and fill out a little information!

We'll email you when we reopen the application :)



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