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Custom Timer Creation Review with [lee_rein]

상영회 타이머
상영회 타이머

Hello, this is Syncu Lab :)

Today's reviewer is lee_rein, Virtual Idol fron vlyz!

She applied to us before her debut on November 25th,

Let's take a look at what she requested.

[lee_rein]'s custom timer

I want a marble look, clean and classy, and the color should match the background!

she requested a clean and classy look with a marble background

and colors to match the background

so I worked with the reference images she sent me,

as well as the broadcast and YouTube visuals :)

윤이제님의 상영회 타이머

I didn't know which one she'd like, so I made several different versions :)

and she picked the white one!

It goes very well with the stream background

and is very attractive!


Please tell us a little about yourself~!

Hi, I'm Lee-rein from the V-Nexus idol group vlyz!

How did you find out about watchalong timer?

It was highly recommended by a streamer who was already using a this timer!

What made you decide to order a custom timer?

When I looked at the other samples, I thought the timer was very unique and stood out from the rest of the show! I think every detail like this makes the show look more complete, and I've looked at other outsourcing sites and none of them customize timers!

Any other words to say?

I really appreciate your attention to detail and attention to detail! You also recommended colors and designs that I thought would be better than the one I had in mind, so I think I got a good job done! I'll use it beautifully!

Where are you streaming at?

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