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Custom Timer Creation Review with [Lonita]

상영회 타이머
상영회 타이머

Hello, this is Syncu Lab :)

Today's review is from Little Lonita, who is a vtuber on [Maydreamin Thailand],

where we signed a business agreement with them last October.

We made a customized watchalong timer to support Little Lonita!

Let's see what kind of timer she made.

Lonita's custom timer

Surprisingly, we didn't get any requests for this design -

we were just asked to make it fit the tone of the show.

and ta-da~

This is what we made for her.


Lonita twitter

Did you all enjoy today's watchalong show~ ? I had so much fun!!

And do you see the widget on my left? @syncu_lab designed it and

it's so easy to use! I never thought I'd do a watchalong streaming with you guys at first,

but I'm good at computer, hehe! It's so easy to use and we had a great time together!!!

Where are you streaming at?



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