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Custom Timer Creation Review with [Nanaring]

Hello, this is Syncu Lab :)

Today's reviewer is Nanaring from Virtual Idol vlyz!

She sent us a request before her debut on November 25th,

Let's take a look at what she requested.

My fandom character is ginseng, so I want it to look like a silly but cute ginseng gift set! I just want it to make my viewers laugh every time I take it out!

This sketch is a result of my hard work and research!

I felt like it was a bit too much text,

so I decided to leave a few things out of the final version!

Voila - much cleaner and cuter, right?

Hope you have a great watchalong :)


Hello, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm Nanaring from the V-Nexus girl group vlyz!

How did you find out about the watchalong timer?

My company knew about syncu lab first, and they told me that I could make a custom timer through syncu lab!

What made you realize you needed to order a custom timer?

I ordered it because it's so convenient to share the time of the movie we're watching together in real time when we're doing movie/anime watchalong :) and i also thought that i can customize the design - that is super cool!

Finally, please feel free to say something.

The quality of the design exceeded my expectations and I am so happy that you captured the exact feeling I wanted and expressed it beautifully! I think it will be useful not only for watch-along content, but also for listening to my song playlist with my viewers! Thank you and I will use it well!

Please leave a link to the channel you are streaming on.

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