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Custom Timer Creation Review with [yuneze]

상영회 타이머
상영회 타이머

Hello, this is Syncu Lab :)

Today's reviewer is Yuneze from Virtual Idol vlyz!

She sent us a request before her debut on November 25th,

Let's take a look at what she requested.

[Yunzez]'s custom timer

I want the blue fire to be the main theme or the timer main shape itself! The mascot character should be curled up and sleeping, please!

Yuneze requested a timer with a mascot character using a blue fire as the main color!

We worked with the reference images sent to us,

as well as the broadcast screen and YouTube visuals :)

I think the blue wallpaper and timer work really well together,

especially the character's blue tail :)


Please introduce yourself briefly~!

hello. I'm Yuneze from Virtual Idol vlyz!

How did you find out about the timer?

My company first suggested it to me, and I learned about it thanks to them organizing it! I also learned more about it through your booth at Illustar festival and your blog!

What made you realize you needed to order a custom timer?

When I was watching videos, I was most interested in the convenience of being able to connect to an OTT site and see the information and time immediately without having to set the timer in real time. I also couldn't resist the idea of a customizable timer. I knew that if there was a material and design that I wanted, I would definitely ask Skrina to make it. I was very surprised because it was the only timer I knew that gave me so much freedom.

I'm glad I chose syncu lab, because the people who work with me are very attentive and kind, and I feel very comfortable and happy working with them. I feel honored to have such a great opportunity to work with such good people and such a beautiful timer. Thank you so much! I hope other people will try it...!!!!



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