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Custom Timer Creation Review with [Yushino Rinya]

커스텀 타이머 샘플

Hi, this is Screena!

The dragon that eats nightmares and leaves only good dreams!

Yushino Rinya has requested a custom timer!

Let's see what she came up with!


Custom Timer of [Yushino Rinya]

유시노 리냐
Source : Yushino Rinya Twitter

Yushino Rinya requested Custom Timer design a dragon

like that eats nightmares and leaves with only good dreams !

So I tried to bring the feel of the character to the custom timer

for the Watch Along contents :)

유시노 리냐님의 꿈을 먹는 용 커스텀 타이머
Custom Timer of Yushino Rinya

In response to Yushino Rinya request,

we've created a timer like the one above.

to test the above timer,,

I uploaded a custom timer using the image uploaded to Twitter as an example

and uploaded a custom timer!

버튜버 이주인의 방송화면
Source : Yushino Rinya Twitter

Doesn't it look really good on it !?

Yushino Rinya liked it very much!

It goes really well with the colors and points,

and I hope you enjoy using it on the streaming !


Interview with [Yushino Rinya]

유시노 리냐 이미지
Source : Yushino Rinya

Please tell us a little about yourself~!

Hello! I'm a member of RE:FLY, and I'm the first card of RE:FLY!

I'm Yushino Rinya , the Dream Eater Dragon!

I'll be debuting on Twitch at the end of September,

so please come and see me!

Custom Timer, what did you like about it? I found out at V-festa festival !

What made you decide to order a custom timer?

I was doing a lot of Watch Along with a single piece of content.

I felt it was boring to just put a timer on it.

So when I heard they were making custom timers, I ordered one!

What's your experience with the Screena Timer?

I was surprised at how high quality it turned out!

The design and color scheme are perfect for me.

The white space on the screen disappeared neatly

and the screen was no longer boring!

I always have to make announcements and talk during the movie,

so when should I talk... and i often broke the mood and immersion while thinking about it.

This screena timer is very convenient,

I can proceed with the content smoothly without

breaking the atmosphere or immersion. I am so very grateful.

I've been showing it off and recommending it to everyone I know!

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to say!

When I debut on RE:FLY in the future, I'll be broadcasting mostly between 7pm and 8pm!

If you go to YouTube and Twitter, you can see cute Rinya, so please visit us a lot.

RE:FLY has a lot of amazing people working hard behind the scenes to make it happen.

Skrina, RE:FLY, and me, Rinya Yushino, please love us a lot!

Thank you!

You can found me, [Yushino Rinya] at the following places!

Twitch Channel : Here

What is custom timer?

커스텀 타이머 샘플

When you conduct a watchalong, it's a feature that

allows you to use a timer in your key color and design!

If you contact us, we handle everything from design to coding !

We are currently focusing more on our next development and maintenance,

we're taking a break from accepting custom timers.

If you're interested in a custom timer

Click the button below and fill out a little information!

We'll email you when we reopen the application :)



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