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Custom Timer Review with [Looksam]

커스텀 타이머 샘플

Hey there, it's Screena! :)

Back again, and this time with a behind-the-scenes look at our latest custom timer creation!

We recently collaborated with LookSam on an advertisement!

LookSam also requested a custom timer from us.

Today, I'm dishing out all the details for you :)


Introducing Looksam's Custom Timer

Looksam emoji

LookSam expressed a desire for a timer styled after the Temple of Olympus and Zeus!

He also requested the addition of dark clouds and striking lightning elements.

For design inspiration, I checked out Twitch subscription icons and Naver emojis and was amazed at the diverse lightning designs I found.!

커스텀 타이머 샘플

The draft now looks fairly complete!

It definitely captures the essence of the temple theme.

However... There seems to be something lacking...!?

Zeus... No, it's the signature "Lux" element that's needed!

looksam emoji

After receiving additional feedback,

we decided to sprinkle a touch of "Lux", sparkling atop the temple's ominous clouds.

Taking inspiration from a Naver emoticon scene, our designers brought it to life!

시간대가 00:00 으로 찍힌 타이머

Ta-da! The temple now sports a visually enriched aura.

(With Lux keeping a vigilant watch from above...!)

It's time to put this to the real test!

스트리머의 방송화면

We set up a simulated live broadcast screen to see how it gels.

While the timer might appear a tad smaller in actual broadcasts, its integration with the announcement feature is spot on :)

Here’s hoping it adds that special flair to your upcoming watchalongs!

(Catch the replay of LookSam’s watchalong)


Interview with Looksam

Hello! Can you please introduce yourself briefly?

Hey there! Streamer LookSam here.

How did you discover Screena's custom timers?

Got to know about Screena when they approached me for a collaborative watchalong.

What prompted you to order a custom timer?

I thought, "Why not have a custom timer tailored to suit the movie or content?" And so, I hopped on board. I felt adding a bit of zest would enhance the movie-watching immersion.

Can you share your experience of using the custom timer during your broadcast!

Sharing my paused moments with viewers in real-time. It's such a convenience, and I'm eager to use it for my next watchalong.

You can find me here!

Twitch Channel : Here

YouTube Channel : Here

Fan cafe : Here


What is a Custom Timer?

custom timer sample

When you conduct a watchalong, it's a feature that

allows you to use a timer in your key color and design!

If you contact us, we handle everything from design to coding

completely free of charge.

If interested

please click the button below to place an order!

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