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[syncu letter #10] strategies to attract viewers 02

Hello, this is Syncu Lab :)

Last time, we outlined 3 strategies to attract an audience.

Today, we're going to talk about the second of those strategies!

YT Channel design

Many of you have a YouTube channel,

uploading archive videos or editing/uploading shorts to attract fans!

A very important part of this is the thumbnail.

Once you've created good content (your broadcast),

you need to get more people to click and watch it.

In fact, your thumbnail is probably the first thing your viewers see,

whether it's a search or a recommendation.

You want them to want to click and watch!

The truth is, there's no right or wrong thumbnail -

the important thing is to be clear about what you want to say,

how you want to say it, and who you want to say it to!

This is gawrgura, from HoloLive with the simplest thumbnail ever -

a thumbnail that you can understand in less than 3 seconds

by using just the right words and visuals!

Some thumbnails are more descriptive and informative,

like this one from kentax!

It'll take longer than 3 seconds, but it's much more likely to be

clicked on because it's much more comprehensible,

so you'll get a higher retention rate.

As I said before, there is no right answer to thumbnails,

so I recommend that you work on your thumbnails according to your content :)



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