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[SyncuLetter #02] The trend of vertical format Vtuber streaming and its reasons


The trend of vertical format Vtuber streaming and its reasons

  Recently, there has been a growing trend of vertical format streaming among Vtubers. With the prevalence of vertical content on platforms like Youtube Shorts and TikTok, especially well-suited for smartphone viewing, many Vtubers have turned to creating vertical content. This shift is supported by information suggesting that vertical content contributes to increased viewership and subscriber numbers.

  In response to this trend, Youtube has implemented a vertical live streaming system, making it easier to discover test stream from well-known Vtubers. Additionally, readily available data indicates that individual Vtubers experience an increase in subscription numbers following vertical streaming.

  It seems that, as part of the evolving landscape of streaming, vertical format has become a crucial and almost obligatory choice for content creators.

So, what are the advantages of vertical streaming?

Advantage 1: Increased Accessibility

  In the case of stream based on the traditional PC screen, production and streaming were conducted in a horizontal format. However, this often forced viewers to sit in a specific location or watch streams directly in front of a screen.

  While streaming on smartphones was certainly possible in the existing smartphone environment, the visibility was compromised due to the material and screen layout designed for PC standards.

  In contrast, vertical streaming allows viewing from anywhere with just a smartphone and internet connection. Especially for content targeting a younger audience, vertical streaming can enhance accessibility even more compared to traditional stream.

Advantage 2: Increased Sense of Proximity

  In the case of horizontal streaming, it resembles the familiar TV screen broadcasts. There are moving entities on the screen, providing content that viewers can watch, laugh, and enjoy.

  In other words, while there is interaction between Vtubers and the chat flowing on the screen, it is challenging to step outside the perspective of being both the streamer and the viewer.

  In contrast, vertical streaming offers a sensation closer to a video call, with a Vtuber moving full-screen within the grasp of your hand and a simplified screen with a chat window.

  Except for the semi-transparent chat window at the bottom, according to the YouTube standard, the rest is filled with the appearance of the Vtuber, providing a closer sense of dimension and proximity.

Advantage 3: Connected Content

  Due to the convenience and simplicity of vertical streaming, there is a growing trend in high viewership for platforms like Youtube Shorts and TikTok.

Traditional live stream often require additional editing to create vertical clips or involve the effort of brainstorming and producing content specifically for Shorts

Therefore, compared to the previous content that either required a completely new appearance, did not fit well with Shorts visibility, or needed additional work, vertical streaming allows for easier creation of Shorts through a single stream.

This not only streamlines the Shorts production process but also creates opportunities to reintroduce the content through Shorts based on the stream's subject matter.

Advantage 4: Streaming in Tune with Trends

In uncharted territories where many have yet to tread, being the first to embrace novelty can greatly contribute to achieving notable success quickly.

Furthermore, if it's before reaching a saturation point, it presents a good opportunity to expand on existing fixed content. For instance, a Vtuber who specializes in streaming a particular game may find that as their main content becomes fixed over time, there is little room for change due to established viewer demands and personal identity.

However, adapting stream according to trends provides an excellent opportunity to attract new viewers and expand the stability of the broadcast. In the current landscape of vertical streaming, many focus on Vtuber-centered themes such as singing and casual conversations.

Aligning your content with trends could be a great way to more intensively express your individuality. What do you think about tailoring your content to current trends to showcase your personality more effectively?

What is needed for vertical streaming?

Unlike traditional stream, vertical content and adjustments in OBS settings are necessary. Additionally, careful consideration is needed for planning different content and stream themes compared to conventional stream.

In light of these changes, we aim to cover these topics along with diverse information in our upcoming newsletter. If you find value in newsletters containing a variety of pertinent information, please press the subscribe button below for regular updates.



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