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[SyncuLetter #04] Define Your Stream Identity!

Hello, this is SyncuLab :)

Did you have a delightful Christmas?

Even during this Christmas holiday,

many streamers continued with their festive stream !

Today, let's delve into the topic of the streaming identity of a Vtuber.

We'll discuss what you should ponder when conducting streams,

what fundamental settings would be beneficial to

ensure prolonged and enjoyable activities!

*Today's SyncuLetter includes an excerpt from the ongoing series with permission from Kentax.

Thank you, Kentax, for providing valuable information!



"Identity" is a term that many people have heard, but especially in the current context, it might not be immediately clear what it exactly means.

In simpler terms, it's important to accurately understand my strengths and weaknesses and incorporate them into the stream.

Isn't that obvious, you might say? Well, let's prepare a notepad and pen, and let's try it together!


How do you find your identity?

It might seem subtly easy when you think about it,

but figuring out [how] to find it can be overwhelming.

Once you have the pen in your hand, you'll probably write down 'what I want to do.'

But, oh wait...? After writing, you realize there are so many things.

ASMR, gaming, movie screenings, karaoke broadcasts, concept broadcasts, and so on.

To actually find what you want to do, try this approach.


Think about it, and sort it out

First# In a note, write down the 3 things below in big letters.

  1. What I can do

  2. What I want to do

  3. Thigns I want try

Then, under each one, write down what it is.

For example, if You're good at gaming, you might write 'Game streamer' under number 1, right?

Second# Things I've done that were fun when I actually did them

Write them down as verbs on a post-it note. As many as you can!

For example, if meeting and talking to new people online

was 'Getting to know new people'

if you found it easy and fun, 'getting to know new people', '

talking about different topics', etc.

Third# Collect and re-categorise your post-its.

  1. Thinking: solving problems, calculating, strategising

  2. Communication: meeting people, talking, interacting

  3. Leadership: making decisions, caring

Getting the most Post-its is my aptitude type.

Based on this, let's go back to the first item.

Revisit your 'things you want to do', 'things you want to try', and so on!

Contrast what you're good at with what you're good at. and what I'm good at,

I'll be able to determine the direction of my future broadcasting endeavours.


SWOT analysis

If that sounds complicated, here's how to do it! SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. It's a way of analysing a company's strengths and weaknesses in order to identify potential opportunities.

  1. Draw a big + on your note to divide it into quarters.

  2. Write S, W, O, T, for each side.

  3. Write down what you think are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  • Opportunities are:: This could be a weakness you want to improve, or an area you didn't identify in the first two steps of the analysis.

  • Threats are:: These are factors that could be negative for you.

Once you've written these down, consider the following.

  • How can you use your strengths/opportunities to promote?

  • How can I compensate for my weaknesses?

  • How to avoid threats and set your direction.

When you're on the stream, how we're going to take the show forward

when it comes to streaming, and I don't know if you enjoyed it!

Today you learned how to position your stream content,

Next time, we're going to talk about how to make sure you get found

How to make yourself discoverable in a crowded marketplace!

Let's get to it.

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