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[SyncuLetter #06] Easy yet Challenging Personal Branding

Hello there! This is SyncuLab !

In this week's Syncu Letter, we are delving deeper into personal branding,

building on our previous discussion !

If you haven't read the previous installment yet, please check it out!

  *Today's SyncuLetter includes an excerpt from

the ongoing series with permission from Kentax.

Thank you, Kentax, for providing valuable information!

From our early childhood,

we have been accustomed to introducing ourselves with phrases like,

"Hello! I am a student in grade XX at XX Elementary School!"

Because of this, we may think that introducing ourselves is quite easy.

However, is your self-introduction both easy and effectively capturing who you are?

The Importance of a Well-Crafted Self-Introduction

What comes to mind when you think about a self-introduction?

Is it just your name, hobbies, and a brief introduction

to the content you typically broadcast?

If so, you might find that such an introduction falls somewhat

short in leaving a lasting impression of your presence.

What is needed in a self-introduction ?

Have you ever heard of an elevator pitch?

It's about leaving a lasting impression in a brief moment,

conveying the essential message.

In a nutshell, it could be crafted as follows:

  1. Name or affiliation, job title

  2. Benefits I can provide

  3. My uniqueness

  4. A compelling hook

  5. Closing statement

I'll go ahead and explain each one for you.

Let's understand through an example:

Name or affiliation, job title

This is the most basic information about me.

Benefits I can provide

You might wonder, "What benefits can I get from this self-introduction?"

Well, for those of you who watch my channel,

you can gain benefits like [mention specific benefits].

Understanding it as benefits you can gain,

similar to "For those of you who watch my channel!" would be ideal.

One self-introduction that personally impressed me was from a Korean Vtuber, MuDtang!

Her stays up "on Twitch from around 10 PM until sunrise, providing a serene broadcast.

If you're looking for a calm and emotional broadcast, come visit MuDtang's channel on Twitch =)!!"

It was a couple of sentences that very harmoniously described their tone and manner, broadcast timing, and platform !

My Uniqueness

Given the abundance of similar concepts and appearances,

it can be challenging to pinpoint distinctiveness !

Combining various characteristics to create a unique one-liner could be helpful.

Example: "Every morning at 7 AM, I, the fox Vtuber [Name],

deliver the news through hand-drawn illustrations."

Compelling Hook

The introductory sentences may have already become quite lengthy with the previous elements. However, if needed, you can consider adding a hook at the beginning with phrases like "industry-first," "world's first," "unique," etc. to grab attention!

Closing Statement:

After the self-introduction, the closing statement is equally important, right?

It could be something like, "Come visit my channel!" or...

naturally highlighting the broadcasting time, such as "See you every night at 11 PM!"

It's good to subtly emphasize the broadcast schedule.

In this way, today, I've explained in detail the methods to confidently imprint oneself during a self-introduction. SyncLab hopes more VTubers will recognize these tips.

And with that, we'll conclude this SyncLetter here :)

See you again next week!



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