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[Synculetter #07] [OOO] will bring viewers to you!

Hello, this is Syncu Lab :)

January is already flying by!

Today's Synuletter topic is:

How do you make viewers come back for more?

Last time, we learned about introducing yourself,

and today we'll learn about how to setup broadcasting!

*Today's Syncletter is a partial translation of Kentax's article.

Thank you, Kentax, for sharing this valuable information with us!

Solidify the organization of your broadcast

Actually, when I heard this,

I thought it was only for TV shows,

but of course, it's also applicable to live stream :)

Everyone loves a smooth broadcast!

For example, it's good for the viewer if the flow is clear:

opening - introducing the guest - introducing the

content of today's broadcast - ending.

Opening film

I'm pretty sure that many vtubers are already using loading screen!

The attached picture is the opening of one of our YouTube videos.

We turn on the broadcast in advance, wait for viewers to enter, and check the settings.

It doesn't have to be too long, but you can use it to reinforce your branding image.

(If you have a collaboration, you can use the waiting screen as an advertising panel).

Please refer to her youtube video!

It is the great example of opening film!

it starts off with an informational opening splash screen about the event,

merchandise sales, viewer testimonials, and so on, before the splash screen ends and the show starts in earnest, an amazing well-made film comes on air to announce the start of the show. It's like watching a TV show, and it flows so smoothly!

Opening talk

The opening talk is a light-hearted way to get things started,

such as [introducing today's show].

You might say it's not a necessary step,

but you can also think of it as a time to get to know your fans a little better

and allow a little more viewers to come in :)

Not sure what to say?

Follow along below.

- Greet your viewers
- Describe today's broadcast content
- Mention what happened on Twitter/fancafe/community
- Time to promote upcoming collaborations, if any.
- Recent trends
- Talk about anime/games/books/webtoons, etc.

Ending talk

Similar to the opening, the ending talk is a good time to

remind viewers of any messages/promotions that need to be communicated.

During a 2-3 hour broadcast, the viewer's memory will be limited to a certain extent,

and there will be viewers who have joined in the meantime~!

The ending talk can be as simple as 5-10 minutes.

If you have a special message for the viewers,

or if you end with a fanservice time such as a happy birthday commentary,

won't the viewers voluntarily come back to watch the main broadcast?

So far, we've learned how to organize a broadcast.

Just as there are corners within a program,

why not run a broadcast that makes your viewers look forward to it?



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