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[Synculetter #08] How to choose popular stream content

Hello, this is Syncu Lab.

In the last installment of Syncu Letter,

we talked about what it means to have an audience!

Today, we're going to take a deeper dive into

the topic of broadcasting content.

If you haven't read the last installment,

please click the button below to read it!

There will be a variety of broadcast content, such as

Just-chatting, games, karaoke, etc.

Let's talk about [which content] will attract people's attention and set a strategy :)


What is trending content?

You might think that

popular content = trending, in-demand,

so timing must be a big part of it, right?!

Among the broadcast contents that are in high demand,

it seems that the broadcast of content with a fixed release schedule

such as game stream and watchalong stream are usually applicable!

In particular, in the case of game/OTT content (Netflix, Amazon...),

the demand is bound to decrease because the search volume

naturally decreases as the release date passes.

Therefore, it is essential to target the release date of

new games and OTT release dates!

How do we find them?

It's easier than you think to find out how many viewers you have.

The number of views of a YouTube video and

the number of viewers of a live stream can be relatively difficult

because you have to find the number of viewers of a live broadcast in real time :(

In the case of game streams, a lot of strategy or

commentary videos are uploaded, and among them,

it would be good to consider the "what I'm targeting" part and utilize related keywords!

For example, if the most popular content on my YouTube channel is

"reaction" videos from game broadcasts,

I could try to create reaction-oriented shorts,

or I could visit viewers' homes for reaction in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Planning is essential!

These days, it's not uncommon to see livestreams

benchmarked against TV shows.

Why not borrow from a popular entertainment format?

You can receive various stories through Google Forms,

and also provide counseling in the background of talk show radio!

You can also invite various vtubers to do a co-streaming

Especially for co-streaming, you can plan various talk shows

such as tarot and horoscopes, games, and concert sing-alongs.


That's it for organizing your broadcast content!

We'll be back next time with more good news!



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