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[Synculetter #09] strategies to attract viewers 01

Hello, this is Syncu Lab.

Today, we're going to talk about

broadcasting strategies to attract viewers :)

Shall we?

Last time, we talked about choosing content

that's trending and interesting for your audience to watch.

The truth is, if you're constantly running trending content,

you're going to wake up and realize that your channel has no direction.

You've created some content that seems to be trending,

but when you look at it again, it's hard to tell what the channel is all about.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that you stick to one area of broadcasting!

It's always hard to be an expert from the start,

but at least having a few categories/areas of coverage

will help you clarify your target audience.

but... HOW?

First, sort through the views in YouTube Studio

to identify your top 5 content (actually, it doesn't have to be 5.)

It could be a fluke, or it could be something that

people are really excited about.

Based on this content, do the following

1. Pick 3-4 keywords.

2. Pick a broadcast category.

3. Use this information to summarize your channel's personality.

In the future, I will focus on content that fits my channel's personality and try to broadcast it!

Branding strategies to keep people coming back

Just as important as an influx of new viewers is a steady stream of existing fans :)

So what are some strategies to do this?

  1. Steady wins the race!

  2. Make your YouTube channel feed comfortable

  3. Create a comfortable broadcasting environment

Broadly speaking, there are three things you can do.

Let's talk about the first one today.

Steady wins the race!

Sometimes consistency can be branding.

There was a time when we habitually turned on the TV

on Saturday nights to watch a comedy program (probably SNL?).

It's hard to trust someone who takes frequent breaks,

reschedules, and changes content.

Someone who is always on the air at a set time,

on a set day, is easier for viewers to find.

Similarly, you can even use it as a PR element, right?

For example, when you describe yourself in one line like this!

  • This is vtuber XXX with the news of the day.

  • Every 10 pm., fine vtuber XX's helpline radio!

  • Every Wednesday is Just-chatting day!

It's been said that two weeks is enough time for a person

to adopt a behavior as a "habit." (From an academic in London!)

I'll bring you more details on the second and third strategies

in next week's Synuletter. See you next time!



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