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[SyncuLetter #01] Vtuber Newsletter Kickoff

Syncu Lab

Hello there! This is SyncuLab :)

Today, we're here to announce the beginning of our newsletter,

taking a break from our usual project updates!

As we gear up for the release of exciting new products,

SyncuLab is working hard with year-end

development and continuing internal testing !

As you may know, SyncuLab is a brand that supports content creators,

making streaming easy, beautiful, and comfortable for Vtubers.

With this in mind, we've taken the time to think about what more we can offer to YouTubers, becoming a brand that provides what they need...

We've decided to share various information

that could contribute to the 'growth' of Vtubers,

delivering diverse insights !!!

Twitch korea is going to shut down !?

Breaking News for Streamers Worldwide.

Surprising news has swept through the global streaming community and Vtuber community.

Last week, Twitch Korea made headlines by announcing the closure of its operations.

This announcement not only resonated within Korea but also garnered

a heartfelt response from streamers and Vtuber worldwide.

Many Korean Vtubers are now faced with the challenge of starting afresh

on different platforms, sparking a wave of empathy

and support from the global streaming community.

Understanding the need for Korean Vtubers to navigate the process of growth

from ground zero after platform transitions,

SyncuLab is committed to providing valuable insights

and easily digestible information through our newsletter.

Stay tuned as we bring you updates

and insights to support the growth journey of many content creators!

What's Inside SyncuLetter?
Syncu Letter

This valuable content has been translated

with the permission of the ingenious designer

(also a Vtuber and creator) from Japan, Kentax!

Building on the precious material generously shared by Kentax,

we'll continue the newsletter with advanced information from SyncuLab!

(From content creation time-saving tips to high-level insights, we've got it all covered!)

Discover our weekly newsletter of valuable tips,

providing insider insights to streamline your content creation process.

Every month on the 25th, we release SyncuLetter,

packed with surprise discount coupons!



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