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How to use Karara
on live stream?

*YouTube CC subtitles 

1. Download


2. Run Karara


3. Add music

on Karara

4. Add it

on OBS



Download 'Karara' extension

fron chrome web store.

popup screen

Run 'Karara'

Clicking the extensions icon,

find 'Karara' and 

press 'start'.


Add music

After log-in, select music you want.

Find 'add' button beside titles.


You can also add a song by

pressing the + button on the YouTube thumbnail.


Make your setlist

Click each songs to edit title.


Make your setlist

Drag = button to

change the song order,

delete the song.


Tap to play

Press the thumbnail or ▶️ button

to play the next song.

Song list will be automatically listed

on your stream.



Please turn on "Autoplay" in your settings.

The setlist will be listed automatically

without you having to press the ▶️ button.

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 1.24.44 PM.png

Manage setlist

Choose a display method.

If you want to show only the songs you've sung, try the option 'Show 'selected' only'.

The widget will only show songs with the ‘note’ icon on.


If you want to show all the songs you're singing today, select 'Show all'. This will show all the list in the widget.

add browser source on obs

Add sources

Copy browser source,

paste it to OBS source section.

setlist example image

Hide songs

When in 'Show 'selected' only' mode,

you can hide songs by

tapping the note icon.

For vertical stream

crop browser source






Want to show only 'Now playing'?
Crop the browser source!

1) Click the browser source

2) Holding the Alt(Win)/option(MAC) key

3) Drag the bounding box's drag handles.

3) The edges will change to green to show it's being cropped.

How to setup
customized setlist

customize setup screen



Simple customizations like

changing colors, changing fonts,

and adjusting transparency

can be done in the 'settings' tab.


To apply your own custom design,

please enter your custom code in the

'Custom design' tab.


To request a commission,

please refer to the black banner below!

custom commission banner

Need your own setlist design?



YouTube keeps rebooting.

Chrome extensions may be conflicting with each other, please report this issue to


Which browsers can I use?

We support

Chrome, Edge.

Chrome is highly recommanded.


How to save
my setlist?

The setlist is saved automatically. You can always recall the last setlist, even if you close the program.


Why do I need to grant permissions?

Permission is required to check your playing history.
Karara does not upload or manage YouTube content!

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