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How to use Chibi Comme
on Twitch stream?

1. Download

and unzip files

2. Link your

Twitch account

3. Set up

your Chibi

4. Add it

on OBS

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unzip the file

Download, Unzip

After purchasing Chibi Comme, 

please download the zip file.

clicking txt file

Link account

Clicking the file 'setting.txt',

type your Twitch channel ID

to connect Chibi Comme.

setting page

Set up Chibi

Set the 'cooldown', 'commands'

and the ID of the users to ignore.

Save the 'txt' file and press 'close'.

drag browser source to obs

Drag to OBS

Drag the file 'widget.html'

to OBS source section.

Now you can see Chibi there!


Need your own Chibi for Twitch?

Design, rigging, custom all in one place.

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