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Custom Timer Creation Review with [astraea]

커스텀타이머 샘플화면
Custom Timer

Hello, it's Screena.

We've recently launched a new feature - a custom timer :)

From now on, we'll share some stories of these custom creations and the streamers who requested them!


Introducing astraea's Custom Timer

2016 올해의 팬톤컬러 로즈쿼츠, 세레니티 블루

astraea requested a custom timer design inspired by the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year, "Rose Quartz" and "Serenity Blue,"

And stylized to resemble a movie ticket!

(Any film buff would agree, there's something special about that classic ticket design!)

We were already swooning over the color combination…♥

영화 티켓 모양의 타이머

We quickly crafted multiple drafts of the ticket, selecting the design that seemed to fit best.

We then gently placed it alongside astraea's character to confirm it meshed well.

Fortunately, astraea was thrilled with it, and we went ahead to finalize that version~ done~ deal!

영화 티켓모양의 타이머가 포함된 인터넷 방송화면

We conducted a functionality test by integrating the custom timer into a recent broadcast screen!

It handled lengthy titles with ease and maintained perfect synchronization :)

Best of all, it seamlessly blends into astraea's broadcast screen ♡

We hope you love using it!


Interview with astraea

Hello! Can you please introduce yourself briefly~!

Hello! I'm astraea, a former musical theatre actress turned VTuber, now streaming on Twitch. My broadcasts mainly revolve around Just Chatting, music, and games!

How did you discover Screena's custom timers?

I discovered you guys through VROZ.

What prompted you to order a custom timer?

A fellow streamer (나른한 나루밍님) was all praise for you! The completed timer was not only visually pleasing but also boasted convenient features along with custom design. It's irresistible TT. I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Screena team once again!

Can you share your experience of using the custom timer during your broadcast!

When hosting animation watchalong, it was inconvenient to manually adjust the timer to match the opening sequence each time. But thanks to Screena's auto-synchronization feature, life has become significantly more convenient!

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to say!

I have an offline concert coming up on August 12th. (Ticketing page)

Please show plenty of love for astraea and don't hesitate to use Screena~~!

You can find me astraea, at the following places!

YouTube Channel : Here

Twitch Channel: Here


What is a Custom Timer?

커스텀타이머 샘플

When you conduct a watchalong, it's a feature that

allows you to use a timer in your key color and design!

If you contact us, we handle everything from design to coding

completely free of charge.

If interested

please click the button below to place an order!



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