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Custom Timer Creation Review with[Nergal Near]

커스텀 타이머 샘플

Hi, this is Screena!

This time, we have a custom timer request from

Thai Vtuber "Nergal Near", who focuses on streaming

Watch-Along content in Thailand,

requested a screena custom timer!

Let's see what came up with!


Introducing [Nergal Near] Custom Timer

버튜버 건담 상영회 장면
Source : Nergal Near YouTube

Nergal Near requested a Tech interface style that felt more like Iron Man,

and requested a Tech interface style that looks similar to Iron Man!

We created the following design based on the Tech interface!

건담 인터페이스 컨셉의 상영회 타이머
Custom timer for Watch-Along

Nergal Near's request for a custom timer has been done!

건담 상영회 커스텀 타이머 방송
Source : Nergal Near Watch-Along clip

Nergal Near loved it because it made broadcasting so much easier!

We hope you enjoy using it for your screening broadcasts in the future!


Interview with [Nergal Near]

Please tell us a little about yourself~!

Hi! I'm Nergal Near, a Vtuber and Virtual Data who specializes in Gundam and gaming!

Can you tell us a little bit about the benefits of Watch-Along content?

we get to sit and watch with the viewers on my channel

and discuss the points want to talk about right there in the chat.

the points are we can talk about while watching.

When I do a Watch Along, the content I usually choose is

I tend to watch content I've already seen over and over again.

Because if it's something that I haven't seen before,

I want to be able to go through the details on my own.

so I bring it to the Watch Along.

What made you decide you needed to order a custom timer?

The main reason is that I have to sit down and count one two three,

and having to manually reset the timer.

So, I realized that if doing Watch Along content.

and indicate what we're watching

that would be really handy.

Can you share your experience of using the custom timer during your broadcast!

It's made my life so much easier!

I don't have to do one, two, three anymore,

and I don't have to reset the timer every time.

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like to say!

If you're tired of counting that every time have to set timer your self,

I highly recommend a custom timer!

It will make your life so much easier!

You can find me, Nergal Near at the following places! YouTube Channel : Here

What is a Custom Timer?

커스텀 타이머 샘플

When you conduct a watchalong, it's a feature that

allows you to use a timer in your key color and design!

If you contact us, we handle everything from design to coding

completely free of charge.

We are currently focusing more on our next development and maintenance,

we're taking a break from accepting custom timers.

If you're interested in a custom timer

Click the button below and fill out a little information!

We'll email you when we reopen the application :)



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